Transition Year Activities

  • Visit your school with trained falcons, hawks and owls
  • Handling of birds of prey
  • Hold a falconry display
  • Bring falconry equipment for viewing
  • Give informational talks
  • Have photographic opportunities


The visit is truly spectacular and very interactive with the students interacting with the largest species of owl in the world, the fastest animal in the world, the most endangered owl in Ireland etc.

We bring a selection of beautiful birds of prey to your school. The selection includes falcons, hawks and owls. Your transition year students can get ‘up close and personal’ with these majestic birds. They will gain knowledge of birds of prey and their role in the environment. The students are free to ask questions throughout the visit and hold the birds for photos.

Then we hold an extremely interactive flying display using several birds, whereby the birds fly freely. All the students can participate in the flying display. Photos can take place throughout.

The visit lasts approx 2+ hours.                    Price: €350

Feel free to contact me to make a booking or with any queries you may have. We can also tailor a visit to suit your requirements.