A Corporate Falconry Experience

This activity is tailor made for corporate groups. We ensure full participation and involvement with everyone in the group getting up close and personal with our beautiful birds of prey. Prepare for the group to be truly amazed at the skills and trust between falconer and bird of prey.

Price and Duration: On Request – We tailor our packages to suit your clients requirements

Why is falconry useful for team building?

The sport of falconry is over 4,000 years old. It was and is still referred to today as ‘The Sport of Kings’. Ghengis Khan – Mongolian Ruler, Frederick II – Emperor of Rome, Henry VIII, to name but a few rulers, all participated in the noble art of falconry. The falconer and his bird have an unique relationship. The falconer cannot impose his will on a bird of prey. He respects the uniqueness of his bird, with his/her traits, personalities, likes and dislikes. It is through the dedication and the skills that the falconer uses, that the bird of prey works ‘with’ the falconer and the falconer gains the bird’s trust and vice versa. Then they both become a team and work together. It is through the leadership of the falconer and their working as a team that their end results are achieved. This is similar in the workplace where leadership and team work are essential for a positive outcome.

Read what one of our satisfied customers had to say about us:-

Here in Joe O’Reilly Ireland group, Ireland’s oldest independent Destination Management Company,  we operate under a philosophy we call FOBIC – Flexibility, Originality, Budget, Imagination and Creativity and we choose suppliers who also value these principals.   This is why I have been working with Brian and Barbara in Newgrange Falconry for the last 7 years, they are a pleasure to work with and understand the need to be flexible especially when working with incentive groups.  Whatever our demands they are always willingly to help find a solution and do so with a smile.   Brian is very proud of the service he offers and he loves what he does.   I used other falconry companies and none have come close!   The smile on the faces of my clients says it all!

Ian Craig General Manager – Joe O’Reilly Ireland Group.