Educational Visits

Education through experience

  • Visit your school with trained falcons, hawks and owls
  • Hold a falconry display
  • Bring falconry equipment for viewing
  • Give informational talks
  • Have photographic opportunities

We bring a selection of birds of prey to your venue e.g. outdoor venue, country fair, schools, clubs etc. This selection includes falcons, hawks and owls. We also bring falconry equipment that includes gloves, hoods, telemetry, jesses, leashes. This allows the student to look at and hold some equipment. This equipment is incorporated into the informational talks.

The birds are placed on their perches or blocks. The viewing area is cordoned off with rope. Each bird is then placed on the falconer’s glove and an informational talk is given e.g. type, origin, diet, age, personality etc. ‘Questions & Answers’ take place throughout This allows the student to gain information and view each bird up close. Photos can be taken throughout and some students and teachers get a chance to hold some of the birds for group photos.

The falconry display takes place with a falcon and/or a hawk. Students and teachers are used in these unforgettable displays. Falcons are flown to a lure and require a very large area, as they are avid fliers. Hawks, on the other hand, are flown to the glove and can be flown in a much smaller area e.g. school yard, large garden, small field etc.